Building in North Cyprus (Part Two)

This is the really exciting part of building your North Cyprus villa in the sun, because once you have completed part one of your build and your exterior walls are up with a roof over your head, you can really see your new home start to take shape.

Wiring and plumbing

At this stage your electrician and plumber will install the wiring and pipes, all before the internal lining is laid over the frames.

This is another good time to plan a visit to your site, because it is your last stage to make any changes to the location of your taps, sinks, toilets, power points and lights.

Insulation and internal linings

After the rough in of wiring and pipes is complete, your insulation will be fitted into your wall and ceilings. And once the insulation is complete your builder can then lay the internal plaster walls over the top of the framing.

Your construction site will finally seem like a real home as the rooms appear before your eyes. Take this opportunity to measure up your rooms and plan the purchase and location of furniture for your new home.

Waterproofing and tiling

Wet areas of your house, such as the bathrooms and laundries will need to be water-proofed before your tilers can start their work.

Waterproofing usually needs from several days to a week (depending on the weather and the size of the room) to fully set and ensure that the required areas are totally watertight.

Timber mould out

This is the stage where your carpenter will install your skirting boards, architraves, door jams and doors and kitchen cabinets. You need to have finalised the layout of your kitchen at this stage.

You can also install built-in wardrobes at this stage or wait until you have moved in and sorted out where your furniture might go.

Lock up

Lock up occurs when all your windows, external doors and garage doors are on. At this stage your home is waterproof and secure and now your builder can ‘fit out’ the interior of your home.

P.C’. fit out

Your P.C. items are your ‘prime cost’ items and they include all of your bathroom, such as tapware, bath, mirror, vanities and other accessories. P. C. items also include your kitchen sink, benchtop, tapware and appliances, so you will need to finalise your bathroom and kitchen layout design by this stage.

Flooring and painting

Flooring and painting are completed at the same time as the P.C. fit out. Some builders like to paint first then lay carpets and tiles or stain and polish floorboards, while others like to do it the other way round. Sometimes the order is dictated by availability of tradesmen.

Final inspection

Even if you are using a project manager, we advise that you pay a visit to the site at this stage. Your builder is almost finished and you need to walk through the development with your project manager and double check that everything is built to your specifications and in the correct place.

Please note, this is not a time for major structural changes as they are very costly at this stage and will hold up your build indefinitely.


Once you are happy your home has been completed to your satisfaction and to the plans, you will pay the builder’s final invoice, and then your keys will be handed over to you.

You are now the proud owner of your own little piece of paradise in the sun!

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