Land in North Cyprus

Land in North Cyprus 

Land in North Cyprus, of all sizes, is in very high demand. With prices steadily rising month by month with sales at their highest level since the property boom back in 2004 this is bringing investors from all over the world. As we head into the hot summer time in Northern Cyprus 2018, NOW has never been a better time to purchase.

Finding your land parcel

North Cove Estates have land parcels of all sizes in all locations; it is our company’s specialty. Our clients range from first-time buyers to large investors looking for that something special. With our vast experience and knowledge in the property sector within North Cyprus, It is our aim to help and guide you with our expertise every step of the way.

Design and build

If you’re looking to purchase land in North Cyprus to design and build a custom made property then look no further than North Cove Estates extensive land bank. We specialize in all aspects of property selling, building, and buying. Our experienced staff knows, all too well that going that extra mile to help our clients pays dividends.

Get in touch 

Investing in land in North Cyprus is now paying high yields to our shroud clients if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our direct website. Get in touch with a member of staff at or call 00905338699276 for more information; we look forward to hearing from you.