The Advantages of Building in North Cyprus

The advantages of building in North Cyprus, While Southern Cyprus has long been a favourite for British holiday home owners and tourists, the Northern third of the island is rapidly becoming as popular as the south.

British visitors are increasingly falling for the unspoilt natural beauty of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Its uncrowded beaches, rich history, incredible climate, cheaper prices, and underdeveloped infrastructure offer a charming, peaceful alternative to the heavily developed resorts in the rest of the Mediterranean. This is becoming clear of the advantages of building in North Cyprus.

The local Cypriot people are welcoming and friendly and North Cyprus is virtually crime free. There is large local ex-pat British community already living on the island, which has not been commercialised by tourism.

As over 30 years have now passed since the formation of the TRNC, people are now able to more freely between the north and the south of the island and many UK investors are realising the many advantages of buying and building in North Cyprus.

If you are considering building a villa in North Cyprus, you may wonder how the process varies compared to building in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the main advantages to building a villa in Northern Cyprus, versus building in the UK.


Let’s be honest, the British summer is often a non-event. London-based Antipodean author Kathy Lette recently quipped, “I love the British summer; it’s my favourite day of the year.”

The climate in Northern Cyprus, by contrast, is ideally suited to outdoor living and swimming, with over 300 days of sunshine a year. It’s typically Mediterranean climate consists of long dry summers that stretch out from mid-May to mid-October, the hottest months of July and August seeing air temperatures range from a minimum of 20 ºC to a maximum of 47 ºC and idyllic water temperatures that reach 28 ºC.

The winter period is shot and wet, but temperatures rarely plunge below 0 ºC and the maximum is a relatively balmy 16 ºC. And the water temperature rarely drops below 17 ºC, allowing for year round swimming.

Compare all of this to the average annual temperature in the UK of just 11⁰C, and you can see why so many Brits are choosing to build and live in Northern Cyprus.


If you have dreamt of owning your own little patch of sunshine somewhere in the south of France or on the Italian Coast, but you have been priced out of the market, North Cyprus still offers an affordable alternative.

While the cost of land and of building always varies according to the location and size and standard of the build, building a villa in Northern Cyprus is far more affordable than building in the UK.

Plot prices are a fraction of the cost of land in the UK (starting from as low as £25,000 Stg) and the cost of building is building is also significantly cheaper than building in the UK. This means you can now afford to build the house you have always desired.

Investment return

When it comes to getting a return on your hard-earned investment dollars, Northern Cyprus makes financial sense.

Northern Cyprus property still offers the best value for money investment in the Mediterranean region (properties are on average 30% cheaper than the south of the island) and it is also significantly cheaper than in any other popular European destinations.

Now is an ideal time to invest your hard earned savings in North Cyprus property. It is still relatively cheap to enter the market, but as the boundaries between the north and the south of the island are opening up more and more people are discovering the delights of this part of the world, savvy investors are looking to invest in North Cyprus property, providing a huge potential value growth.

Security in local knowledge

Many Brits never realise their dream of building and living in their dream home because they are fearful of building in another country, especially one where they don’t speak the language.

At North Cove Estate we have many years’ experience in the North Cyprus Property and we specialise in helping Brits find their place in the sun. We only deal with reputable Northern Cyprus property developers & vendors and our portfolio of property reflects this.

We can help with all aspects of purchasing land to build your dream home, or the next best property investment to increase your capital. From finding the plot of land to ensuring the title deeds are correct, we can also help with all legal aspects of the purchase.

We specialise in bespoke design and build projects to help you build your dream home, and we can help you with finding local builders and liaising with local tradesmen. And once your build is a reality we can help with connecting utilities, furnishing your property, landscaping and sourcing whitegoods. We also have a property management section, should you wish to rent your property out.

The advantages of Building in North Cyprus is actually cheaper and easier than you think, and it is a viable investment alternative to the UK. Maybe it’s time to revisit your daydream of owning your own patch of paradise in the sun.