The Student Hub of the Mediterranean

STUDYING IN North Cyprus is so far removed from conventional student life that a university prospectus here can read more like a holiday brochure. The North offers the prospective student a whole host of enticing benefits both on and off campus, from a high standard of education to a high standard of living; with the added bonus of sun, sea and sand. Here is just a sample of the enviable opportunities offered to thousands of students in North Cyprus every year:-

Quality – up to 50,000 students from around the world enrol on the many academic and vocational courses on offer here, with the North steadily growing in popularity as the international student’s first choice.

There are no less than eight major institutions providing a unique variety of top-notch undergraduate and graduate programs, all with excellent teaching and on-campus facilities. These institutions are located across the North and include Cyprus International University, Near East University, European University of Lefkea, Eastern Mediterranean University, Girne American University, Middle East Technical University TRNC campus, Istanbul Technical University and the University of Mediterranean Karpasia.

These rather exotic names merely hint at the breadth of educational opportunities available here. A student can fly high, literally, with a career in aviation, and the equally adventurous courses in naval architecture and marine engineering float the boat of hundreds of lucky students every year.

Affordable – not only are the tuition fees much more affordable than many European institutions, the TRNC offer various scholarships to ambitious national and international students based on academic performance. What’s more, the cost of accommodation and general living expenses are more than reasonable (expect to pay less than 1USD, around 60 pence sterling, for a coca-cola) – not bad for a luxury holiday destination.

Accessible – everything from entertainment, shops and transport links are close at hand to the main institutions with ample student accommodation on campus or in the locality.

Caring – every student has health insurance to cover their medical charges in the state hospitals and the insurance fee is actually included in the university fees. For minor problems, health centres at the university campuses and local pharmacies deal with most complaints and can dispense medication over the counter.

Cultural – for a real taste of the North sample one of the many local village or national festivals (there’s even one for students to show off their own culture), or simply wash down a tasty and authentic kebab with a cool (and cheap) local Efes beer after sunset.

Fun – all work and no play is definitely not what student life is about here. There are excellent facilities for all sorts of sports, cultural and social activities (in addition to the fabulous food and festivals) – from nightclubs and casinos to hiking, biking and lots of other outdoor pursuits.

Scenic – when you’ve had your head in the books all week what better way to wind down than relaxing on one of the many breathtaking golden beaches and a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Safe – North Cyprus has an excellent reputation for being a safe and friendly place and crime against students is rare. Students of all nationalities are welcome and discrimination doesn’t feature in the TRNC way of life. The locals embrace visitors with open arms – sometimes literally!

Promising – not only are there stacks of opportunities for part-time jobs in bars, cafes, restaurants and shops, after students graduate they could find full-time jobs in hotels, banks and international companies if they have a good knowledge of Turkish and English. The North offers some fantastic courses in law and business, tourism and hospitality with opportunities for internships whilst you study.

So what better place to study and what a beautiful place to stay on and make your home. What’s more everyone is welcome to stay.