Weddings & Honeymoons in North Cyprus

Weddings & honeymoons in North Cyprus. According to legend, the island of Cyprus was given to Cleopatra by Julius Caesar as a token of his love – an island so idyllic and brimming with natural beauty that no woman could resist. Several centuries later the untouched landscape on the north side of the island remains as seductive as when Caesar laid claim to it.

The northernmost tip of the island is home to a beach so beautiful that some argue it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the mythical goddess of love. According to legend, the tranquillity of the sea was disturbed by a sparkling white wave upon which Aphrodite was carried to shore. And whilst Greek historians are unlikely to take tourist hotspot ‘Aphrodite’s rock’ off their mythical map in the south, the north’s Golden Beach can at least lay claim to being one of the most romantic settings in natural, if not mythical history.

And ensuring that romance thrives, there are plenty of luxury hotel resorts in North Cyprus specialising in weddings and honeymoons. So with all the practicalities professionally catered for, couples find themselves with nothing better to do than to watch the sunset hand-in-hand or enjoy a champagne dinner by moonlight.

In fact, from start to finish, celebrating your nuptials in the North will be a hassle-free love affair with the location, climate and all the luxury on offer:

  • Location – you can generally get hitched anywhere in North Cyprus. And whether it be a traditional chapel ceremony or a blessing on the beach, the formalities are straightforward and the setting simply breathtaking.
  • Climate – the island enjoys an all-year-round sunny climate and long hot summers. This makes beachfront and open-air weddings possible from May through to October.
  • Luxury – deluxe stays are something that the hotel resorts pride themselves on, including private beachfront & pampering spa packages. What’s more, this is without the hefty price tag of other Mediterranean destinations.

And the seduction of the north doesn’t stop here – from its paradise setting to its warm, welcoming people.

So what could be more befitting of a celebration in North Cyprus than embracing the traditions of the Turkish Cypriot people who will make your stay unforgettable. For the bride to wear, a white veil handmade from delicate lacework that historically would form part of the bridal dowry. Or a locally handcrafted blue eye bead, designed to ward off evil, to be used for the bride’s something blue.

And if it’s all sounding too fairytale wedding to be true, why not take a trip to North Cyprus prior to tying the knot. The real-life inspiration for the castle from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, in its magnificent mountainous setting, is the perfect place to soak up the stunning reality of this side of the island.

So whether it’s a wedding, a blessing, renewal of vows or a honeymoon that’s on your horizon, North Cyprus is a destination that is definitely finding its way to the top of many couples wish list.