Green Line Crossing

Green Line Crossing

Agios Dometios (Greek) or Metehan (Turkish) – Nicosia
which is also known as Metehan is considered the main Green line crossing point between the two sides of Cyprus due to the sheer volume of people that cross at this checkpoint. It is located in Nicosia and it is a checkpoint that handles the crossing of, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and goods.

Lokmaci kapisi or Ledra Street
This crossing point is new and now one of the main crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists and is also known as Ledra Street crossing. This crossing point is the main crossing for shoppers’ looking for the latest bargains on both sides of the checkpoint. This checkpoint handles pedestrians and cyclists.

Black Knight (British Eastern Sovereign Base Area)
Or also known as the Azios Nikolaos, Strovilia, or Akyar crossing is one of the two crossings points that are located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This crossing point allows for the movement of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods across the border in either direction.

Ledra Palace (Nicosia)
This crossing point is strictly for pedestrians and cyclists. However, it is also used as a crossing point for diplomatic vehicles. This checkpoint is also known as the Ledra Palas crossing.

Pergamos (British Eastern Sovereign Base Area)
This is one of the two checkpoints located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. It is also known as, Beyarmudu, or Dhekelia. It can be used for the crossing of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods.

Zohdia (Güzelyurt)
This crossing point may also be known as, Astromeritis, Morpho, Morfu, Güzelyurt, Omorfo, or Morfou. This was the last checkpoint to be opened, as it is located to the west of Nicosia. This checkpoint allows for the crossing of pedestrians, vehicles, and goods.

You will need a valid passport for crossings between North & South of the borders