Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance

North Cove Pool Maintenance – Technical Consultants Division

North Cove Estates offer a professional and competitive wide range of services for pool maintenance to suit all your needs. We can offer one-off visits – to scheduled regular service visits.  We keep your North Cyprus swimming pool clean, safe and maintained to the highest standards as 100{979f0f39a457a00559efc3b81a0588d85d738fe9fe9547ad6d9ff093351b37fd} Customer satisfaction is our goal. Keep your swimming pool clean and safe for all the family, all year round, with North Cove Pool maintenance.

Using North Cove Pool maintenance you will save more money in the long run by keeping your pool clean, safe and well maintained.

What to expect from North Cove on a weekly visit:

* Inspect your pool equipment weekly for leaks and wear and tear
* Clean pump basket
* Clean, brush steps, grates, and walls
* balance tank checks for low water reserves
* Chemical checks to keep the balance of Chemicals at correct levels
* Backwash filter when needed
* remove debris, leaves, and dust by pool vacuum
*Test water chemistry
* Friendly professional pool technicians

We offer other services in Northern Cyprus such as all types of pool repairs – including tiling, pipework replacement, changing of pool lights, filter replacement, valve replacement, pump replacement or repair, water service, and terracing etc.

All our services will be given free quotations by professional tradesmen of costs before any job is undertaken with no hidden extras.

Please contact us for more information.