Currency and Exchange

Currency and exchange rates for your holiday is always worth looking into prior to a visit to your destination. Turkish Lira is the official currency in Northern Cyprus. However, you will find that British Pounds is widely also widely used and accepted wherever you go.

Turkish Lira is not recommended to bring with you as the exchange rates are much better in Northern Cyprus than they are in the UK. So if you arrive with just Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. You will see that most business owners will take the currency and give you any change in Turkish Lira.

Exchange rates


However, you will most likely get better exchange rates at the local banks and exchange offices in North Cyprus. All these currencies are widely used in hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. British Pounds is, however, the best form of currency to bring and is exchanged and accepted almost everywhere you visit.

If you don`t feel comfortable carrying large amounts of cash. Then you can bring euro cheques and traveller cheques as they are accepted and easily exchanged in hotels, banks and exchange bureaux. there are also various banks where you can use the cash point machines to withdraw the currency you will need to enjoy your visit to Northern Cyprus.