Mortgages & Finance

Mortgages in North Cyprus

Mortgages & Finance
North Cyprus Property has generally in the past been looked on as a cash buyer’s market. Where only those with large lump sums can purchase their dream Cypriot home. Nowadays the property market is maturing and is rapidly changing for the better. With more developers and finance companies readily assisting in long term repayment plans and finance on a vast array of property in Northern Cyprus.

This has opened many doors for our clients. Where owning a property in North Cyprus was out of reach to them before. The large developers & finance companies have seen a gap in the North Cyprus Property market. Therefore, quickly caught on to the fact that the lack of readily available finance was restricting the property market to cash buyers only.

As times change many of the local, as well as international banks, are now making Mortgages & loans available. Local residents as well non-locals all banks will have certain requirements before finance can be agreed. So visiting a local bank and talking to an adviser before making a purchase is advisable. North Cove Estates can make that all important appointment with the bank for you.

North Cove Estates

With mortgages and long-term finance available through North Cyprus Estate agents, North Cove Estates. It is now possible for our clients to get that all-important foot on the property ladder and the chance of owning their dream home in the sun.

For more details on finance & mortgages contact one of North Cove Estates professional staff members. This offer is exclusive to North Cove Estates only!!

LATEST UPDATES: North Cove have secured some fantastic financing packages with some of North Cyprus’s leading developers on exclusive developments in North Cyprus. For as little as 10{979f0f39a457a00559efc3b81a0588d85d738fe9fe9547ad6d9ff093351b37fd} down with payment terms over 5-10 years – this is a North Cyprus Property offer not to be missed.