Guide to Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and basks all year round in over 300 days of sunshine. With a history of 10,000 years, Northern Cyprus has seen civilisations come and go, Alexander the Great and Cleopatra stake their claim here. Aphrodite also made her home in Cyprus and travellers throughout history came here just to pay her a visit.

The crystal waters of the eastern Mediterranean that bathe the coastline of Northern Cyprus offer some of the finest and safest bathing in the Mediterranean with the average sea temperature above 20 degrees for alot of the year. North Cyprus also offers one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean where you will find a large variety of marine species of all sizes, including the Loggerhead and the Green Turtles.

The northern coastal area is backed by the spectacular Besparmak Mountains with its medieval castles and fortresses. The rugged slopes are covered with Aleppo pines, olives and carob trees, with small villages nestling in the hillsides.