Working Here

Working in North Cyprus, They say it’s easier to find a job once you’re actually in a job. Well, in Northern Cyprus it’s easy enough to get a job once you are on the Island. Northern Cyprus is a small community where everyone seems to know everyone. Most Cypriots you meet will know or is related to a host of highly important and influential people in an array of industries and professions. as you slowly meet a wider range of people you will soon learn of openings and opportunities that may suit your preferences.

With the great advantage of having breath taking natural surroundings, a bright sun that shines through most of the year. Affordable housing, the key industries are naturally tourism and real estate.  You will come across many vacancies advertised in the building and real estate industries. Including banks, bars, catering, as well as in hotels and travel agencies that are always searching for English spoken travel representatives. So could find yourself working quite quickly.


Finding a Job
Jobs are always advertised in the local papers. Especially the local English language weekly paper Cyprus Today and the daily paper Cyprus Times. However the best way to find a job and get working quickly in North Cyprus. Is to get yourself out there and network, meet as many people as you can. Which you will find very easy due to the friendly nature of the locals. Explain your skill and inquire whether people know of any jobs that might suit your skills. You should also approach potential employers directly with your resume. Go and meet them and ask if they have any vacancies. It is after all a market where it pays to be proactive at all times.

Language Restrictions
The national language in Northern Cyprus is of course Turkish. But you will find that English is more than widely spoken.  Most public facing jobs require English speaking professionals. Therefore it is quite easy for British expatriates to find suitable employment within no time.  You will without a doubt find yourself more easily accepted if you can learn the basics in Turkish. To be able to politely introduce yourself and enquire after a client, customer or employer`s health etc.

Visas and Permits
To live in Northern Cyprus you have to apply for residency.  Initially you would need to get temporary residency which will be valid for one year and then you would need to renew this. Once you have lived in Northern Cyprus for at least ten years. you can then apply for a more permanent residency.  In order to work in North Cyprus you would have to have a work permit. It is your employer`s responsibility to arrange this for you.  Alternatively the British Residents’ Society can assist you with information about where to go to apply for all your permits and permissions. In addition to the standard checks carried out with a residency permit. Your employer will also need to make the relevant checks and applications with the Tax office for the requirement of a North Cyprus work permit.