Design and Build

Design and build, the Ultimate experience for your dream North Cyprus Home is to buy the land and design and Build the Property.

We can help you turn your dreams into reality by guiding you through the Design and build process. Using only the best North Cyprus Architects & Developers. Plus finding you the ultimate piece of land in Northern Cyprus from our extensive land bank.


Land: The first step is to find you the perfect piece of North Cyprus land to design and build your project. One of our land specialists will accompany you on a pre-arranged viewing trip targeting land that fits your personal criteria.

Once we have found the ideal plot we will contact the Vendor to register your interest. Find out any information that you require before agreeing on a final price and arranging the contracts.

Design: Now we have the dream location it is time to design and build your dream North Cyprus home. We will introduce to the leading Architects on the island who will sit and listen to your ideas. Combine them with their expertise to turn the dream into reality.

Watching the ideas that have been the heartbeat of your mind for so long being transferred to paper. For all to see, is an amazing experience in itself – one that you will always remember. The final architect’s floor plan will make a nice framed picture on the wall when everything is finished.

Build: Now for the really, really exciting part. Seeing your beautiful Northern Cyprus Property being constructed on that prime piece of land. We ONLY deal with the best North Cyprus Developers and Constructors. Which will introduce to you on a personal level so you know they are working, not just for you, but with you!

Even as the property is being built you can make (non-structural) changes to Interior design and finishing. We will assist you in the overseeing of the build process so you can rest assured that things will run smoothly.

If you are looking to invest in Northern Cyprus Property on a higher level. Whether it be for a restaurant in North Cyprus, holiday complex or a residential complex, we can assist you in the same way as above but on the scale that you would expect.

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