Visa Requirements North Cyprus

Visa Requirments

Check your visa requirements the citizens of European Union nations, such as. Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Australia and New Zealand. Do not require a visa to enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


All other nationals should check their position with regards to passports and requirements before travel. With the nearest Embassy or Representative of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. All passports are stamped at the arrival checkpoints of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Which are Ercan airport, Famagusta and Kyrenia seaport and when entering North Cyprus via South Cyprus your passport is stamped at one of the 5 currently available border crossing checkpoints.


If you travel from North Cyprus to South Cyprus. A visa form will need to be completed and stamped at the border checkpoints of entry. This paper visa form is loosely inserted into the passport and stamped when you either arrive or depart in North Cyprus. This system works very well for visitors who travel back and forth across the border frequently to work. Therefore not having your passport filled up quickly with entry and departure stamps.

Visa updates

as a European passport holder, you will now no longer need to fill in a  form at the checkpoints at the point of entry, your passport is all you will need to show. If you are driving across the checkpoint you may be asked to show your licence and car documents. You must have insurance and road tax to drive legally on the both the North and south side of the island.


You are limited to the amount you can spend on goods and carry across the checkpoint at any one time. This is worth checking on the crossover point beforehand so you are not penalised and have to pay duty on excess goods.  You should also check on what items are not permitted to carry across.