Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q – Can you explain the difference between the various title deeds?
A – There are three different types of title deeds available in North Cyprus

1. Freehold Pre-1974 (foreign or Turkish title Pre 1974)
2. Freehold TRNC exchange (Esdeger) title
3. Leasehold

*more information available by request


Question – What is the purchase procedure?
Answer – Once you have decided on a property, you appoint an independent solicitor who will start the purchase procedure by drawing up a contract between yourselves and the builder. Please refer to our buyer’s guide for more details.


Question – If I buy a plot of land can you assist me with the DESIGN AND BUILD?
Answer – Yes, we specialise in bespoke design and build projects to help you build your dream home.


Question – Are you able to arrange inspection trips?
Answer – Yes, please refer to our Inspection trips page for more details.


Question – Can we fly direct to North Cyprus?
Answer – At the moment all flights have to stop in Turkey for approx. 45 minutes, however, you can now fly into Larnaca and travel by road direct to the North.


Question – What do I require when purchasing a property?
Answer – Only your passport is required for the solicitor to begin the process of your property purchase as well as a £1000 holding deposit to remove the property from the market.


Question – Can I pay for the property from home?
A – Yes payments can be made by direct bank transfer to our North Cyprus client holding account or through your solicitor. It is not advisable to pay the builder directly as we will advise you of each building stage at completion.


Q – What are the costs of shipping and do you have a list of agents?
A – Shipping costs are based on the cubic meter and we can supply you with further information on request.


Q – Can we pay our bills by standing order?
A – You can pay electricity and phone by standing order. You can pay in advance for your water to the local council.


Q – Do I have to make a new will in Cyprus?
A – We strongly advise you to make a will as your property in Northern Cyprus as your assets her will not be covered on your original will. This is a straightforward process and your solicitor can assist you.


Q – How long are we allowed to stay on the island legally?
A – You are issued a 3-month tourist visa when you arrive, after which you must apply for a temporary residents permit or work permit.


Question – Who looks after my property whilst I am away?
Answer – We have an in-house property management company to look after all your property needs including pool maintenance.


Q – Can I own more than one property at a time?
A – At present foreign purchasers are only allowed to own one property at a time. However, there are options for people wishing to own more than one property, which we will happily discuss in more detail upon request.



We can introduce you to independent English Speaking Solicitors with whom you can consult.

Legal Tips Prior to Purchase

First and foremost appoint a solicitor who will request the following:
Copy of the title deed
The site plan – detailing plot references
Check the site plan and ascertain its shape and boundaries
The construction availability (from the State Planning Office)
Make a land search to understand; if there is a deed, type of deed and whether there are any encumbrances attached to the property.


When purchasing property or land in Northern Cyprus there are other charges you must take into account when deciding on your budget, these are:

Payable upon completion of the property:
5% KDV (VAT).
Payable upon transfer of title deeds into the purchaser’s name.
6% Purchase Tax – reduced to 3% on any one purchase.
1% of the 3% Local Council Fees.
£1,250 legal fees – this covers the whole purchase process.


Land in North Cyprus is measured in Donums, 1 Donum consists of 4 Evleks.

1 Donum = 1338 m2 or approx. 14400 ft2
1 Evlek is 3600 ft2
3 Donums = approx. 1 acre
The purchase procedure for land is similar to that of buying a property with the main difference being that the land must be paid for in full upon purchase.

Individuals can purchase up to a maximum of 5 Donums of land providing it will/does house just one dwelling, there is no limit to the amount of land that can be purchased by a local company.

A local company must be at least a 51% share owned by a Turkish Cypriot National. We have a number of independent solicitors that can assist you with the details of forming a company in North Cyprus.