Medical Care

Medical Care

The availability and the standards of medical care in North Cyprus are extremely high. This always seems to be quite a pleasant surprise for all visitors as well as those that have settled permanently in North Cyprus (TRNC).

There are quite a number of well equipped private clinics and hospitals in North Cyprus. As well as state run hospitals, surgeries and emergency medical facilities. There are also well-equipped dentist surgeries and opticians as well as other alternative healthcare practitioners.

The treatment people have received for every complaint from cancer to car crash injuries, to emergency dental treatment. The medical care in North Cyprus has been described as just as good as in the UK. In some cases better. Always far cheaper than was expected and of a very high standard with excellent equipment used and qualified staff always readily available, But without the normal long queues, we have become accustomed to in our homeland.

The main populated locations in Northern Cyprus of Gazimagusa (Famagusta), Girne (Kyrenia), Guzelyurt (Morphou) and Lefkosa (Nicosia). All have private and state run hospitals and these are the locations where you will find the majority of doctors, dentists, opticians and even alternative health care practitioners.


In the case of an emergency, the number to call for an ambulance in North Cyprus is 112. Alternatively, make your own way to the nearest hospital or healthcare clinic for immediate treatment. Where no one will be refused emergency care whether they have the financial means to pay for it or not.

The Buzz Book and North Cyprus Yellow Pages both have lists of every medical care practitioner you could possibly need or want in Northern Cyprus.

Health Insurance is not compulsory in Northern Cyprus at the moment although the government have been discussing plans to implement a compulsory scheme. The proceeds from which would go to improve the medical facilities across the island.

Useful contact numbers are:

Ambulance – 112
Fire            – 199
Police        – 155
Kyrenia Hospital        – +90 392 815 2266
Nicosia Hospital        – +90 392 228 5441
Famagusta Hospital   – +90 392 366 2876
Guzelyurt Hospital     – +90 392 714 2125
Health Care Advice from 8am to 11pm – +90 392 815 4929 or +90 542 886 2955

Pharmacies in North Cyprus are well known for selling almost every single prescription drug you can think of. The cost of medicine is again far cheaper than you would expect to pay in the UK, Spain or Germany for example. – As is the cost of having an eye test, getting glasses or having a dental check-up.

On a final note. There are very limited numbers of nurses in Northern Cyprus because Turkish Cypriots are incredibly family orientated. If someone is hospitalized then it is expected that their family will take care of them. They will perform the basic nursing duties such as changing bed linen, assisting with bathroom antics etc.

For those thinking of relocating to North Cyprus alone or with just their spouse. This can sometimes seem like quite a daunting prospect to potentially face.  Well, the expatriates here in North Cyprus have thought of that and there’s a network of friendly people who provide hospital and home help assistance should the need ever arise.