Getting Residency

Getting residency

Getting residency, Anyone arriving in the TRNC Northern Cyprus must hold a valid passport. Visitors from Turkey may enter with a valid identity card although this should be checked before travelling. Visas are not required for the majority of foreign visitors except for Greek and Armenian citizens.

When you arrive in North Cyprus, you will be issued at present with a 3-month tourist visa.  After that, you must apply for a residence permit. The procedure is fairly straight forward but initially does require basic medical checks for HIV, Typhus etc.  Once you are approved, your permit will be issued and lasts for 1 year. You will be required to renew it annually.

The first step for residency in North Cyprus. will be to apply for your temporary residence permit. As soon as you know you’re going to be in the country for more than three months. Should you overstay the 90 day period and do not have a temporary residence permit. You will incur a fine for every single day you overstay the 90 day period. This fine soon adds up so if you are going to be staying for more than 90 days. It’s advisable to apply for your temporary residence permit immediately.

Permanent Residency Permit

Although you may have decided to come and live in Northern Cyprus permanently you cannot apply for permanent residency straight away. You will need to apply and re-apply for a temporary residence permit annually.10 years before you can apply for your residency permit to be made permanent.

Applying for Residency

When you decide to apply for residency in Northern Cyprus. You will need to get about 8 passport photographs and a dozen official stamps (obtainable from the local Post Office. Then you will need to visit your local police station. Who will then take a photo of you and do the relevant police checks! The police will then refer you to the state hospital or one private licensed health clinics for your medical.

The Medical basically consists of a blood test for HIV and a small reaction jab for Typhus & TB (Tuberculosis). You will also need to visit the Muhtar (Mayor) of the village you are living in. The Muhtar will need to see proof of your residence in the form of a rental or purchase contract. Plus bank statements showing that you have sufficient money available to support yourself / family. The Muhtar will issue you a Resident’s Certificate after filling in a form with information about you, your parents, and your place of residence in North Cyprus etc.

Getting Residency

You will also need to go to one of a number of licensed clinics in Girne (Kyrenia), Gazimagusa or Lefkosia (Nicosia) for a blood test. Names of Northern Cyprus clinics that are accepted by the immigration authorities are available from the immigration offices in Kyrenia and Nicosia.

At the approved clinics where the tests are done, you will be provided with a receipt. Make photocopies of all documents and with copies and originals of the receipt, Resident’s Certificate, proof of address and income, bank account, passport, more stamps, visit the Immigration office and apply for residency. You will need to go early as most offices involved in the process are only open in the morning between 8.30am and 12noon. Once you have made this visit a number will be written into your passport by the immigration officials and photocopies of all documents will be taken.

jabGetting Residency

After 24 hours your medical tests will have been completed and you can pick up the results. Which will be in a sealed envelope. Important: Do not open the envelope or break the seal. You should then hand deliver the results unopened to the Immigration office. Once this is done you can sit back and wait for all police checks to be completed and medical results analyzed and a visa will then be granted.

There are various individuals and companies based in North Cyprus who will assist you for a fee. These individuals and companies have helped many ex-pats in the past with services. These services are work permits, driving licenses, business permits and also importing personal effects to Northern Cyprus and make the process simple.

Please contact North Cove Estates for more information.